Mackintosh Restoration Research

The Mackintosh Building (or ‘the Mack’ as it is affectionately called) at the Glasgow School of Art suffered a major fire on the 23rd May, 2014. Although the majority of the building and collections were saved, some of the most culturally significant portions of the building were lost, notably the beloved library. Almost immediately, the GSA community (including partners such as Historic Environment Scotland and the University of Glasgow) took steps to begin the process of safeguarding the building, restoring collections, and assessing what would be needed to reconstruct ‘Mackintosh’s masterwork.’

The GSA has initiated a focused effort to cultivate innovative research projects related to the restoration of the Mackintosh building. We see this period as more than just a time to rebuild: it is an opportunity to learn more about the history, design, construction and meaning of the iconic Mackintosh building, and explore our own resilience as a creative intellectual community. In addition to supporting research-active staff in realising academic and creative projects arising from this process, we will also foster community-wide collaborative projects that enrich the cultural heritage of Glasgow.

Through careful documentation and collaborative efforts, we hope to develop an open access interactive digital heritage resource that documents the history and restoration of the Mackintosh building, and the various strands of research and pedagogy that arise from this project. Please check back soon for posts on our progress.


Laser scan of the Mackintosh Building, 2014-15. School of Visualisation and Simulation, The GSofA.

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